A Map of the World

The history of cartography, is of course, a long one, full of strange twists. For instance, the coastlines of our continent, and even the Land of Giants, are exceptionally well mapped. This is primarily thanks to a band of Etoran sorcerers who set out to learn the True Name of the Sea. At the same time, the location of the Cave of Monsters is known to a very low precision. This is because the monsters who come forth have a bad habit of eating cartographers.
Another location that offers a host of difficulties is the Violet Tower. According to the Etoran Empire, it, like all other magical artifacts in the empire, has been destroyed. This is widely regarded with skepticism, the Tower once withstood an attack from an army of giants for no less than eight years, with no structural damage to speak of.
The city of Arora (know as 'Ranoria' to the people of Irin) provides another tricky issue. Over the years, it has switched back and forth between the Kingdom of Irin and the Commonwealth of Condoran. After the fourth war was fought over the city, a compromise was reached, wherein the King of Irin and the Chancellor of Condoran would excercise joint authority over the city. The people of Arora (and the people of Ranoria) decided on their own compromise, wherein they wouldn't follow the order of either the King of the Chancellor.
Similarly, nobody can ever seem to agree on a name for the large mountain range near the middle of the continent. The sorcerers of the Green Tower like to call them the Green Mountains. When they catch the light in a certain way, the name almost seems justified. The Etoran Empire has a name for them which translates to something like "Our Foothills." This is a bit presumptuous, since the Etorans have never exercised serious authority over the mountains. Irin had a similar strategy of calling the mountains the Irinian Range. Equally presumptuous.

There are rumors of lands beyond the Norgad. Some say that there is a great Empire in the East, as powerful as the Etorans. There is also quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding Gorandwan. There have been relatively few scholarly expeditions there. Those who have returned have had wildly differing reports on the local cultures and customs. It is widely believed that Gorandwan contains a diverse set of tribes and nations, most of which have never been contacted by our civilization.

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